Friday, August 29, 2014

J&M Bluetooth completely out now – Sena SMH10 Bluetooth in!

 It took a while but I finally relented and dropped the uber-expensive J&M Bluetooth headsets.  They were working just okay and with limited battery life.  The wind noise was often more than I could take after I cranked up the volume to hear my pillion.   The final straw was the breaking of the clip that holds the J&M radio into my Nolan N103.  I had to resort to double sided tape to keep it on for a time.

If anyone is looking for either of these headsets, I have them for sale cheap on EBay.

Nolan N103 JM Audio Corp HSBLU277EDRIN103 motorcycle Bluetooth headset

JM Audio Corp HSBLU277EDRUN motorcycle Bluetooth headset

This spring I opted for the Sena SMH-10s and have never looked back.  Although I never have achieved the level of integration with the RT that I had hoped for, I am in love with them.  The wind noise is all but completely eliminated, the intercom works flawlessly and the Zumo 660 interrupts for directions just long enough before it returns to the intercom or music.

The music sharing feature is wonderful as well.  Using the Zumo as a media player I can press the jog dial for 1 second and instantly we both have music.  I still get directions as needed from the Zumo.   Tapping the dial again I quickly get back into intercom mode.

I also did an 8 day trip with a group this spring and we were able to pair several people together, which worked wonderfully as we wound through the mountain roads of Appalachia.  Even with heavy rain and fog we had great range and clarity.

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