Sunday, January 6, 2013

J&M Bluetooth system install – Final Chapter

Final Chapter

Ok, sorry, it’s been almost a year since I started the J&M Audio installation.  Unfortunately I do not have good news to report.  While J&M is a great company to work with, I can’t say much good about their Bluetooth products I installed.

After working with everyone at J&M, including the owner, we never get the system to perform properly while underway.  I was able to get everything working properly while sitting in the garage at one point.

Over the course of several months I returned my head set to them for exchange and spent many hours trying different techniques to get the system running and working as intended.  The plan was to be able to listen the bike’s audio system through the headsets, be able to use a cell phone, and communicate with my passenger.  This was never achieved.  Frequently the system would work sitting still in the garage, but within minutes of rolling out of the garage the link would drop and I would lose the connection with my passenger as well as the bike.  Frustration always ensued as I stopped on the side of the road over and over again in a vain attempt to try any number of things to get the system re-linked.

The last straw was when I exchanged the Dongle for a new one only to have it make the situation worse.  At that point I pulled everything off of the bike and returned it to J&M.  After several months of working with them they were gracious enough to refund my money for those components, even though they have a no refund policy on their Bluetooth gear.  I did keep the headsets, which seem to work well together without the use of the Dongle.  I’m now regretting that and need to contact J&M again since the retention clip broke on the Nolan setup so the radio now will not stay attached to the helmet.  I’m now forced to hold the unit in the helmet with double sided tape.

J&M has a great reputation for their wired headsets and Harley systems and they are good company to deal with, but I can’t recommend to anyone to buy and install the dongle system on their BMW R1200RT.

If anyone has found a system that actually works properly, please pass that information along to me in a comment.

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