Monday, February 13, 2012

J&M comm system install - Stereo vs. Mono for Zumo Audio Output

Some readers have commented that it seems odd that the factory stereo connector for the BMW NavIV  only supports mono rather than stereo input.

I agree, it is a bit odd, but there is an explanation.  Apparently that input to the R1200RT's factory stereo is only designed to provide the ability to get turn by turn prompts from the NavIV.  Any input on that cable will interrupt the audio that is playing by reducing the level, or "muting" it for the duration of the input.  This makes sense with turn by turn prompts but does not really work well with other sources such as the Zumo's MP3 player or book reader.  The same would hold true if I had the 665 with XM.

I have considered connecting the Zumo 660 to the factory iPod connector in the glove box.  Connecting it there would provide stereo audio into the RT's system from the Zumo.  I elected to use the factory Nav IV connector because I plan to use it primarily for the turn by turn output from the Zumo. If I connected the Xumo to the iPod connector I would have to switch the audio input on the radio control panel to "iPod" and would only be able to hear the Zumo at that point.  My preference right now is to use the FM radio and the USB stick for MP3s then have that source interrupted for turn by turn prompts from the Zumo.  I liked retaining the use of the factory multicontroller for changing channels, MP3 tracks, etc.

I'm hoping that this weather breaks soon so that I can get out and ride with the system and let you know how everything is working in the real world.

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone that has done a similar install.

Hope you enjoyed the write up.